UkInAzCo Piano Studio


'Music lessons' conjures up a range of memories and emotions for everyone; but for you, 'music lessons' will be planned according to what you want to achieve, so they are tailored to your needs. That may mean structured music lessons or coaching sessions, or preparing for a music performance or exam, or any other form of music making.

Lesson times may scheduled flexibly or fixed; this is agreed at the time of signing up. Flexibility allows for everyone to tend to other events which occur in life; family events, school events, holidays away from home, or sometimes it is simply needing to have a 'day off'.

Fixed lesson times can be agreed and amended as necessary, if routine is important to you.

UkInAzCo Piano Studio conducts lessons at your convenience in your own home, or place of work etc. so there is no need to travel.

The year is made up of three 'blocks' of twelve lessons, and if you have a need to skip a lesson, there will be an opportunity to catch up that lesson later on, depending on availability.

Lessons are generally available through the year, but if you want for example to have the summer off, this is possible too as the standard number of lessons through the year is 36.

Lessons are typically 45 minutes or 1 hour long, depending on availability, experience and age.

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